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Chau Say Tevoda is a small ancient ruin to the east of Angkor Thom. It is in a more advanced state of ruin than Thommanon, which is located just north of it. Chau Say Tevoda follows the same plan as Thommanon, but with four gopuras and two "libraries".

At the time of my visit, it was very much under massive restoration. I learned that the restoration of this particular Angkor monument was funded by the Chinese government. There were blocks of stones arranged all on the compound. I could only imagine how the restored temple will look like.

Construction Details

Built in the late 11th to first half of the 12th century under Suryavarman II, continued by Yasovarman II and with additions made by Jayavarman VIII

The ruins of Chau Say Tevoda is photographed undergoing restoration.

Chau Say Tevoda consists of an enclosure wall of 40 by 50 metre with gopuras at the cardinal directions. Within the compound are two libraries. In front of the central sanctuary is a mandapa, or front pavillion.

Outside the east gopura is a causeway that leads all the way to the Siem Reap River nearby. This was probably added by Jayavarman VIII.

How to reach Chau Say Tevoda

The best way to go to Chau Say Tevoda is from Angkor Thom. It is just 500 meters east of the Victory Gate on the way to Ta Keo. Considering it is neither a major landmark nor noteworthy in any other way, I can't say for sure whether your tuk tuk driver will know when to stop. So you need to be on the look out yourself. You can try my tuk tuk driver, Mr Han (contact details below).

Restoration of Chau Say Tevoda in progress.

Workmen restoring Chau Say Tevoda.

One of the gopuras of Chau Say Tevoda.

One of the lions of Chau Say Tevoda awaiting restoration.

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